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jamescurryaboutsmallHorse Experience:

You’re lookin at it. (Well, he’s also a big John Wayne fan, and has a daughter who rides).

Real World Experience:

Okay, let’s be honest. While this rocking bronc isn’t the only horse James Curry has ever thrown a leg over, he’s got considerably more experience as an international business and marketing strategist. And that’s great. Because with over 30 years under saddle advising some of the most sophisticated multinationals in the world, from Kraft Foods, Proctor and Gamble, United Distillers and 7UP, to Diageo, The Regent Hotels and others, James brings a fresh perspective as well as a wealth of strategic brilliance to EqXcite. Not just with regional brands, or with start-ups, but also global experience with personality brands, super-luxury goods, beauty care, soft drinks, technology, on-line advertising, and B to B expertise, among other categories.






He also brings one of the driest senses of humor you’ve ever experienced to the table, as well as an uncanny ability to provide simple answers to complex problems. Even in Spanish. Or Australasian. Or Techno-ese. Case in point: he holds a US patent for third generation email technology, and has held C-level senior management positions at some of the most innovative startups and most highly regarded marketing organizations in Latin America, New Zealand, Chicago, Los Angeles, and around the world.

So let’s get him into a pair of chaps, and up on the back of your next thorny marketing challenge.