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toby2015Horse Experience:
Toby Raymond has been in the horse world throughout her life. She’s worked with trotters, galloped racehorses, exercised polo ponies and assisted veterinarians at tracks up and down the East Coast. She also  attended Morvan Park Equestrian Institute in Leesburg, Virginia, after which she went on to show hunter/jumpers.

Now a student of dressage and a foster/layup care provider for transitioning racehorses through the Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Race- horses (CANTER), Toby not only knows the market, she is the market. And having lived in Vermont for over 12 years before relocating to “Horse Mecca” in Southern Pines, NC, there is barely an aspect of horse life or farm life Toby hasn’t experienced first-hand.

Real World Experience:

After a 17 year high-level career in advertising working with some of the finest film companies and most


celebrated creatives in the industry, Toby combined

her equestrian background with her ability to translate client objectives into work that delivers.

She has written and produced videos for clients as diverse as
Cargill and The Green Mountain HorseAssociation, written over 300 feature articles for a variety of equine national trade publications such as Horse and Rider, The Blood Horse, The Horse, Practical Horseman, and The American FarriersJournal to name just a few ... and served as a creative marketing consultant for equine related businesses that includes Absorbine, ADM Alliance Nutrition, Featherlite Trailers, Down UnderHorsemanship and many others.

So what hasn't Toby done yet? (Yes, she’s worked as a NY Cabbie) She has yet to take your business to new heights with her newest and most ambitious venture: EqXcite.