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The Challenge:
To grow the Special K franchise by repositioning the brand as ‘The Woman’s Cereal’, and not ‘the dieter’s cereal’.

The Insight:
Special K isn’t just a cereal … it’s a fashion accessory that gives today’s body conscious women the kind of control they revel in.


The Solution:
Capture that personal sense of empowerment and joy every woman experiences in the privacy of her own mirror when she looks unbelievable.


The Result:
This tiny cereal campaign not only won back to back Effies for effectiveness, but made USA Today's Top 10 List next to brands like Nike, Pepsi, Bud Light and Miller – with 1/10th of their media spend. Now that’s awareness!

It also earned Special K the singular distinction of the being the only name brand cereal that did not have to roll back prices when generics entered the market.

Now that’s brand preference!


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