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The Challenge:
To fill seats for a notoriously lackluster team in ’05, with several good seasoned players but no real stars, and a number of unknown rookies.


The Insight:
Every fan has a favorite player who they relate to for personal reasons and look forward to seeing again and again, whatever the team, win or lose.


The Solution:
Create stars and awareness on a shoestring with a low-budget, high-profile ad campaign called ‘Who’s Your Tiger’ - which used existing footage in a timely provocative way to feature the ’Tiger of the Week’: the guy who made an incredible play, the rookie who represents new hope, etc. And by celebrating those victories, strengthening that special bond every fan wants to have with a player.


The Result:
This campaign not only filled seats, but became a battlecry heard in national sports media for four years running. It was retired in ’09 after taking the Tigers all the way to the World Series, but was brought back in 2010 by popular demand and has been running ever since.






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