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That’s what’s created when 2 forces of energy collide: our stunning record of award-winning results-driven advertising and our passion for all things equine.

That’s why we’ve created EqXcite. To bring that kind of game-changing energy to the Equi-Sphere and ignite the Mega Brands of the future, beginning with your brand.

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The Effects of EqXcitement:

Brand Turnarounds / Awards


Brand Turnarounds

  • Increased Totes sales by 100% in just six weeks at Christmas time with a killer Sales Kit, great Point of Sale and two award-winning low budget TV spots
  • Generated more demand for Rice Krispies Treats than Kellogg could satisfy … and then leveraged that phenomenon with unique In-Store and Newspaper ads that capitalized on the idea that Kellogg just couldn’t make enough of them.
  • Grew the bottom line for Perfetti Van Melle’s Airheads Candy by over 35% with the introduction of its new award-winning Airheads and Airheads Extremes advertising.
  • Grew ConAgra’s Kid Cuisine business at a time when the category was soft and other major brands were floundering, by identifying product enhancements and launching new advertising that boosted sales by18%.
  • Turned Coco Krispies, a tired brand with a steadily declining share, back into a player by repositioning it as a Tween cereal, and re-inventing Coco The Monkey (a well known, but uncompelling animated icon). Outcome:Not just awards for Best Children’s Advertising, but a reinvigorated moneymaker.
  • Re-launched 3 Musketeers with a campaign that survived two subsequent ad agencies and reversed an 11year decline.
  • Worked with students from The College of Creative Studies in Detroit on real world projects that not only won the ad agency new business (Kars Nuts), but won national awards (The Michigan Dental Association), and moved the needle in the real world marketplace (The Michigan Lottery).
  • Made baseball history on a shoestring budget with a campaign for the Detroit Tigers "Who’s Your Tiger” that has been running for an unprecedented 5 years, garnered national attention, and became a part of everyday baseball vernacular on the streets, in the park, and in independent sports media.
  • In addition to winning Effies for effectiveness three years in a row, this relatively low budget Special K campaign  made USA Today’s Top Ten List next to mega-brands with huge budgets like Nike, Pepsi, Bud Light, Miller and McDonalds.
  • More importantly, it was the only branded cereal on the market that did not have to lower prices to maintain share during the cereal wars, when generics entered the market.



  • Clio: Reynolds Aluminum :30 TV “One Time Dime”
  • Clio: McDonalds :60 Radio “Buttermilk Morning”
  • Clio: Stokely Van Camps :30 TV “Far Far Away”
  • New York Film Festival Award: Stokely Van Camps :30 TV “Far Far Away”
  • New York Film Festival Award: Dept of Health and Human Services :30 TV “Peer Group”
  • Golden Marble Award: Best Children’s Advertising TV Campaign, Coco Krispies
  • Windy: Best Teen Radio – Dept. of Health and Human Services
  • Effie Gold: Special K Campaign, :30 TV “Great Taste Never Looked So Good”
  • Addy: Totes :30 TV “Cats and Dogs”
  • Addy: Airheads Extremes :30 TV “Blastoff"
  • Telly Award: Isotoner :30 TV “Wearing is Believing”
  • Telly Award: Totes :30 TV “Cats and Dogs”
  • Healthcare Advertising Awards: Gold :30 TV Campaign “Michigan Dental Association”
  • Golden Apple: Gold :30 TV Campaign, “Michigan Dental Association”
  • SIAA Gold Award: Flagstar Bank :30 TV “Great Race”/”Next Teller”
  • SIAA Best of Show: Flagstar Bank :30 TV “Open Your Eyes”
  • SIAA Silver Award: Michigan Dental Association :30 TV Campaign