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Our mission is simple. We AIM to EqXcite. To make the brands we represent the Nikes, the GAPS, the Apples and the Pepsi of the Equine Industry. The Superstars. Household names that achieve badge status not just because of the incredible products they create, but because of the incredible psychological, emotional, aesthetic and philosophical connections they've forged with their audiences.

We know from experience that doing so is rarely a matter of outspending the competition but rather a function of out-thinking, out-classing and out-executing them...at every stage of the sale. Whether the target is internal, somewhere in the sales channel, direct to consumer, or anywhere  in-between.





It’s a matter of creating stark contrasts between yourself and your competition. And standing for something bigger in people’s minds than the sum of your functional advantages.

And the reason we know it’s achievable is because we've done it again and again. By positioning brands for success. And leveraging their core strengths in unexpected ways. As well as doing work with real stopping power. The kind of work that builds brands, not just sales. And attracts fans, not just consumers. The kind of work that EqXcites!