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Yes, we plan to focus our talents and energies on the Equine Market – but EqXcite is no ordinary niche agency. We’re a team of proven, award-winning consumer advertising heavyweights from around the US, united by one common goal: to set a new standard in Equine Marketing, and build brands there like never before.

Some of us were drawn to this new adventure by the desire to combine our two lifelong passions: all things equine, and our former careers. Others simply saw an opportunity to do for this category what appears to be so sorely lacking: to build real brands here. Not just clicks, or sales.

What it means to you though is what’s really different.

It means all the services of a full service ad agency, as needed ... without paying for the bricks and mortar. And access to a network of superstars with the clout, the smarts and the experience your budget might not otherwise allow for.


It also means no more teaching and re-teaching a revolving door of non-horse saavy creatives about your product’s competitive advantages, or the subtle but all too important differences between your various targets, their breeds, disciplines, biases, hero’s and the like. Because we get it. This is not our first rodeo. And as principals, we aren’t going anywhere.

But most importantly, it means every penny spent will be better spent – doing work that stands out and above. Differentates and elevates. Helps enhance your margins. And generates not just immediate buzz, but dividend-paying brand loyalty. That’s what EqXcites us. The chance to win you an enduring share of heart and mind.