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The Challenge:
To establish ADM Alliance Nutrition as a player in the equine world of premium feeds: an area already dominated by Purina and Nutrena, who had significantly larger budgets and decades of brand awareness and brand loyalty.


The Insight:
New research on equine digestion revealed that the consumption of corn starch and grain products resulted in the production of indigestible sugars that were potentially harmful to equine health.


The Solution:
Shatter the age old assumption that horses need grain, and make news by concentrating your marketing fire on ADM’s new GLO for Life series: thus establishing ADM as ‘The Revolutionary New Leader in Equine Nutrition’.


The Result:
Generated immediate awareness and sustained growth of upwards of 30% in sales since its launch in 2010. All despite a very limited ad spend … and largely because of it’s bold positioning and unexpectedly creative mix of media, PR, and sponsorship opportunities.





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